How to Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Fitting the track and sliding wardrobe doors

This guide will help you to install sliding wardrobe door tracks onto your ceiling and floor, then how to install your doors onto the track to complete the wardrobe or storage space.

Please note - this guide refers to the installation of standard size sliding wardrobe doors, which are made to fit a ceiling height of 2260mm but come in a variety of widths to suit your needs, with 3607mm being the maximum opening width (4555mm for premium doors). See the end of this guide for information regarding made to measure doors.

We will assume you have already prepared your opening space, picked your doors and are ready to install them.

If you are not at that stage yet, take a look at THIS POST which details how to measure up your chosen area and select your doors. If your chosen area needs to be modifed or built to accomodate these doors, this two page PDF guide will show you how.

Lets get started...

Step 1 - Sizing the tracks

Measure your opening at the top first. Take this measurement and mark it on your top track. Use a set square to mark a straight line across it for cutting. 

Then measure the base of your opening and mark a straight on the floor track for cutting. Use a fine tooth hacksaw to cut both tracks. 

TIP - Cut both tracks 2mm shorter than the opening heights to allow easier installation.

Step 2 - Install the tracks

Install the top track first. How this track is fitted will depend on your ceiling. If you have used spacer blocks or opening height reducers to fit your track onto, the track can be simply fixed onto these with the screws provided. As seen in this guide.

If you are installing the top track directly onto a level ceiling (opening height must be 2260mm +/- 12mm remember), there are a number of options -







As picture F shows - the floor track can be secured directly onto carpet or hardwood flooring. Before fixing the bottom track to the floor, it will be necessary to install the first door, and adjust the position of the floor track accordingly until the door is completely vertical. Use a spirit level to check this. The position will normally be around 30mm back from the front of the top track. Have a look at step 4 for installing your first door.

We recommend fixing the bottom track into position using screws rather than double sided tape for more security.

Step 3 - Familiarise yourself with the door positions

Your sliding wardrobe doors are designed to be overlapped. Before installing your doors, use this picture as a reference on how to position them -


Step 4 - Install the doors

Sliding-wardrobe-doors-installationThe back door(s) are always installed first. You will need two pairs of hands for this depending on the door size. Angle the door backwards and insert the top of the door into the top track.

Push the bottom of the door inwards to straighten the door and lower the bottom wheels into the floor track grooves. As seen in the picture here.

Step 5 - Engage the top guide to secure in place

Push up the black and yellow plastic (older versions are white) section of the guide to secure it into the groove in the top track. Remember that your first door will be installed into the back groove of the first.

As the picture shows, to disengage the guide from the track, pull down on the plastic part to release the door. Remove the door from the track by lifting out at an angle.

Step 6 - Adjust your doors to level

Sliding-wardrobe-doors-adjustmentAll of the sliding wardrobe doors from Bedrooms Plus can be adjusted once fitted so that they are plum with your side walls or frame that you have built.

Using a pozidrive screwdriver, adjust the bottom wheels. This will alter and angle of each door. Turn the screws on the bottom wheels clockwise to raise the door and anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) to lower the door. 

Step 7 - Secure in place with anti-jump clips


The purpose of these anti-jump clips is to prevent the door from jumping out of the track. It is important that you do not skip this step.

Follow steps A, B and C to engage the anti-jump clip in place. PLEASE NOTE - When rotating the clip into the open position, it is easy for the clip to fall out of the groove which holds it. if this happens, simply snap it back into its original position shown in A.

To disengaging the anti-jump clip just reverse the steps shown here.

Enjoy your new sliding wardrobe doors...

Remember that this article refers to the installation of standard size sliding wardrobe doors which are made to fit an opening height of 2260mm.

A number of options are available to you if your opening space is not yet suitable for these doors. Take a look at this 2 page guide which shows you how to modify your opening space -

Our previous blog post also shows you how to measure your area and make adjustments, complete with videos -

Of course, made to measure doors are also available which are made to fit the opening size you have available. Click this link to get a quote -

Finally, this short video offers a visual illustration of what has been described in this article -

Hopefully this post has shown you how easy it is to install your standard size sliding wardrobe doors. Free free to contact us with any comments or questions through our website or the comments section below.


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