Replacing sliding wardrobe doors wheels & tops

  How to replace sliding wardrobe door wheels

 Sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are present in many homes throughout the UK, both old and new. They offer the user an aesthetically pleasing way to cover up storage areas.

High quality sliding wardrobe doors feature a 10 year warranty on all moving parts. An entire sliding wardrobe door system can potentially last much longer but features of it may need to be replaced to improve functionality. Floor tracks can become contaminated with debris build up, dust and miscellaneous slime! All of these can interfere with the performance of moving parts. Sliding wardrobe door parts can also be damaged by excessive force or moving the door in an incorrect plane.

If you have an i-space sliding wardrobe door system (supplied from most major DIY / home stores), this guide will help you improve the functionality of your existing doors.

Step 1. Identify whether the bottom wheels or top wheels / guides are affecting the sliding ability of your sliding wardrobe doors. Try to listen as you slide the door or visibly check for abnormalities at the top or bottom.

Step 2. Use a light to identify the affected part number. If you have a defective bottom wheel / runner, it could be any of the following - 


17-4264Y-000 pictured here is standard on many doors. A heavy duty version is recommended for doors over 50kg - 17-4264Y-050

A defective top wheel / guide could include any of the following - 


17-1603Y-000 pictured here is commonly used in sliding wardrobe doors from DIY stores and Bedrooms Plus

Step 3. In order to replace your sliding wardrobe door parts, you will first need to disengage the door from the top and bottom tracks. For standard sliding wardrobe doors using 17-4264Y-000 bottom wheel and 17-1603Y-000 top guide, refer to this guide on how to disengage the parts from the track system - 

Step 4. With the sliding wardrobe door free from the track system, lay the door on a flat surface which won't damage the door. A bed works quite well.

The following video shows the simple process of removing an old part, and replacing with a new one. The same applies to both bottom wheels and top wheels / guides.

In most cases, wedging the 'tongue' against the steel frame will be enough to hold the part securely in the door. In rare cases, a screw may be needed if the part does not sit securely. A hole is provided at the top and bottom of the part for this purpose. Use a 2mm drill bit and a screw no longer than 15mm for this.

As you can see from the video. It is also possible to replace just the functional sliding wardrobe door part and keep the original steel casing. 

Use the pdf guide above to install the doors back into the track system. Don't forget to lock in place using the anti-jump clips.

We hope this instructional guide has been useful in improving the functionality of your sliding wardrobe door system. For more helpful advice, be sure to browse our 'How To' section on our website.



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